Cookies Policies

Our privacy policy covers our customers that visit and the websites owned by the subsidiaries of Ege Yapı Inc. and that fill out the forms and surveys regarding the projects. Ege Yapı A.Ş. makes efforts to protect your privacy while benefiting from our services. Accordingly, we have a policy whereby we have set out the method for the processing and protection of your personal data. You may learn any changes to this data policy by visiting us online.

What is a Cookie?
The term “cookie” refers to a small text file of information that is embedded in our computer or mobile device (such as smart phone and tablet) as you visit the project websites of the subsidiaries Ege Yapı A.Ş. by means of your mobile or desktop devices. Cookies generally contain the names of websites from where they originate, their lifetime (their duration of stay on your device) and randomly assigned numerical values.

What is their purpose of use?
We are using the cookies with an aim to provide you with a better using experience with our websites, to adjust the websites in line with our needs and interests, and to show you smart ads. Websites can read and write these cookie files this enables the recognition of you and the recall of your important information (such as recalling your preference settings) in order to provide you with a more appropriate internet experience. Cookies also help you in your future actions on our websites. Besides, we may also use the cookies to collect statistical information on the use of our websites so as to understand the way our websites are used by the visitors and to ameliorate our websites' design and usefulness.

Who can access your data?
We will not transfer/sell/exchange your data to/with any third person outside Ege Yapı A.Ş. for any purpose. The data sent to third persons will solely be used to satisfy the commitment that Ege Yapı A.Ş. has assumed towards you.

What cookie types we use?
We use two types of cookies throughout our websites; i.e., session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are the temporary cookies and remain active only until you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain in your hard drive until deleted by you or until expire (in this case, the period for which the cookies will remain in your device will depend on the cookies’ “lifetime”).

3rd Party Cookies
We may permit our business partners, advertising platforms, social media platforms, and the service providers that offer the services of collecting analytical data and that are used throughout our websites to embed cookies in your devices on our behalf where you visit our websites so that they can offer their services. To obtain more information on these cookies and to receive detailed information on how to control such cookies, please review the privacy policies or cookie policies of these third party agencies and institutions.


They provide anonymous bulk data about where you navigate and what you do on the websites of the subsidiaries of Ege Yapı A.Ş.

Lifetime: Persistent, session, and 3rd party
Details: Google Analytics, YouTube Watching, Gemius, Comscore

Social Media / Sharing
They ensure you to share comments, pages, and bookmarks and help in offering an easier access to social networks and social tools.
Lifetime: 3rd party
Details: Meta, Twitter, Google, YouTube

Cross-site tracking
They provide anonymous information on visitors such as the websites visited prior and subsequent to our projects' websites among the websites of the subsidiaries of Ege Yapı A.Ş.
Lifetime: Persistent, session, and 3rd party

They ensure the determination users' approximate addresses (city, district, zip code) through the users' AP addresses and demonstration of the most appropriate contents and ads as per their preferences.
Lifetime: Session and 3rd party
Details: Mobile Advertisement Platforms

Google Analytics
This type of cookies ensure the collection of all statistical data and the improvement of websites' presentation and use. Google adds social statistics and data on interests to these statistics to develop us a better understanding about users.
Lifetime: Persistent, session, and 3rd party
Details: Google Analytics

What are your rights?
You have the right to obtain information about your personal information that have been recorded by us. You may request the correction or deletion of information where they are incorrect, incomplete, or irrelevant. You may request the delivery of your personal data, which are kept in your account file, annually. Please refer your request for such a document to address. You may withdraw at any time your authorization approval for your personal data used by marketing department (e.g., delivery of news bulletins or offers at your email address). Please use the link underneath each news bulletin to unsubscribe and discontinue receiving the news bulletins.

How to control or delete the cookies?
Many internet browsers are set to automatically accept the cookies by default. You may change these settings to block cookies or to given an alert where a cookies is sent to your device. There are a few ways to manage cookies. Please refer to your browser's instruction or help menu to get more information on how to make your browser's settings. If you disable the cookies you are using, this may affect your user experience on and on our projects' websites; for example, you may not view the certain parts of website or access your customized information where you visit website. Where you use different devices (e.g., computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.) to view and the websites of the projects of Ege Yapı A.Ş., make sure that each browser installed on each one of these devices are set in line with your cookie preferences.

Ege Yapı Inc. hereby reserves its right to amend or cancel this Privacy Policy.