Protection of Personal Data


1.    Identification of the Data Controller 

Ege Yapı Inc. (“Company”) acting as the data controller, registered with Istanbul Business Registry Office under the registration number 625341, having offices at Altunizade district., İnci Çıkmazı St., No:3 Floor: 1 Üsküdar/İstanbul is obliged to issue an information note under the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”), so that we hereby give you the following information about the personal data we collect from our customers.

2.    Purpose of processing your personal data

Your personal data consist of your identity details, communication details, financial data, professional data, visa and passport details, audio and visual data, the way you know of our projects, your preferences and demands concerning our projects, motor vehicle details and signature data are processed by Company on the grounds that you are a customer of Company for the purposes described below

•    to manage customer satisfaction processes,
•    to perform the financial processes concerning offers and payments,
•    to perform the pre-sale and after-sale financial and accounting processes including issuance and tracking of relevant promissory notes and invoices,
•    to manage relevant current account processes,
•    to give information about the campaigns and projects of Company,
•    to ensure brand awareness and to perform marketing activities,
•    to perform the relevant contracts and protocols,
•    to send and track relevant materials by courier service,
•    to arrange electricity, water and natural gas subscriptions to real estate sold by Company,
•    to issue letters of consent, powers of attorney, letters of authorization and other documents in order to complete the legal formalities for the projects built by Company,
•    to ensure security of Company’s premises,
•    to follow up and complete the relevant legal processes

3.    Transferring processed personal data

In order to achieve the purposes described in Article 2 above, your personal data may be transferred to:

•    Our direct or indirect affiliates or subsidiaries located at home or abroad;
•    Financial institutions, independent audit service providers and financial advisors for the purpose of completing the relevant financial and accounting processes,
•    Relevant operator for the purpose of communicating about the campaigns and projects of Company,
•    Domestic and international companies with whom we do business to ensure brand awareness and to perform marketing activities,
•    Courier service providers for the purpose of sending materials,
•    Electricity, water and natural gas utility companies for real estate sold by Company,
•    Relevant land registration offices, municipalities and Emlak Konut GYO for the purpose of fulfilling the formalities needed for Company’s projects,
•    Authorities including police departments and courts upon demand with regard to security of buildings; and
• Legal offices providing Company with legal services.

4.    Personal data collection method and legal ground

Your personal data may be processed and transferred by automatic or non-automatic means by or through Company on the grounds that they must be processed to create, use or protect the rights stipulated in Article 5 of the Law, to execute or perform relevant contracts, to fulfill Company’s obligations as the data controller, to protect Company’s lawful interests as the data controller, and for the purposes described in Article 2 and 3 above. 
Your personal data are collected by Company from information received from you in verbal format, hardcopy or softcopy, information received from agents with regard to projects built through them, from customer information forms you fill in the website or offices of Company or at the events organized by Company, from applications and software used by Company for its business activities, and from security cameras installed at Company’s offices.

Rights of Data Subjects 

You can notify your demands concerning the rights you hold under Article 11 of the Law by filling the Personal Data Owner Application Form available in or by: 

•    Delivering the said application form by hand to Company’s office located at Altunizade district., İnci Çıkmazı St., No:3 Floor: 1 Üsküdar/İstanbul; or
•    Sending the said application form to Company’s e-mail address ( from your e-mail account (KEP) registered with Company or from your electronic signature or mobile signature account or  from the e-mail account you notified to Company and registered in Company’s system.